Boho or bohemian, is a style defined by being bold, artistic and slightly unconventional. The term ‘bohemian’ first came from gypsies who travelled from Bohemia, which is a region in the Czech Republic. It then evolved to describe the artistic community like artists, actors, writers or musicians who were often poor and led semi nomadic lives moving around to find work.

Over the years, the meaning of bohemian started to describe a style of dress and even how to style your home. Boho chic is now a sought after aesthetic for home décor, encompassing a mix of colours, patterns and textures, earthy tones with pops of colour and an eclectic piece of furniture or two. Here’s five easy ways to inject some boho chic into your home.
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Bohemian Window Blinds, Curtains and Drapes

When choosing boho style window treatments, the type you choose isn’t so important. What is important is the colour, style and texture. Window shades are one option as you can choose from multiple patterns, layering and materials. Beautiful boho style shades to choose from are; roller shades and roman shades.

If you want to keep your window treatments more natural, sheer white drapes can be used to give a soft touch to the bohemian style.Custom made blinds are another way to bring an earthy, bohemian look to your windows. Add in that touch of boho uniqueness by choosing drapery rods with distressed finishes.

Mix Patterns, Textures and Colours

The rule to a boho chic home is – there are no rules! The more eclectic the better. Bright and neutral colours, mixed with florals, ethnic accents, geometric patterns and tribal prints all thrown together are the backbone of boho style. If you’re more of an earthy tone lover, colours like rusty oranges, mustard yellow, olive green and soft browns work well.

Wood Furnishings and Rustic Finishes

Wood furniture and rustic finishes are commonly found in boho styled homes. Think furniture and decorative pieces made from hemp, soft leather, wood and rattan. Some ideas are leather footstools, rattan woven chairs, tree tables and maybe a decorative wall ladder. Don’t shy away from throwing in a contrasting piece or two like a metal floor lamp.

Mix Modern with Vintage

Boho styled homes through conformity out the window and mix the two worlds of modern and vintage. Think creative, unique vintage pieces from the 60s and 70s, mixed with a tribal print rugs or geometric throws.

Think About Culturally Inspired Pieces

With the original bohemian crowd being travelers at heart, a boho home wouldn’t be complete without a few globally inspired items. If you’ve travelled a lot yourself and picked up trinkets, you’re set to go. If you haven’t, check out import stores for items like Buddha statues, Indian tribal print rugs, Moroccan lanterns and Asian influenced vases.

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