Window treatments are incredibly important for every room in the home, especially the living room. They offer insulation, privacy, style and they bring together the design of a space. Windows are often the focal point of a room, especially if they’re large.

This is why it’s vital to get the right curtains to ensure they enhance not overwhelm. When choosing curtains, you need to consider the material, colour, style and fabric weight. Also, determine the purpose you have for your curtains like; do you want a relaxing Zen vibe, an elegant air or something more cosy? Let’s take a look at six creative curtain ideas for your living room.

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Invite the Light in with Sheers

If you have floor to ceiling windows or large windows, sheer curtains provide an elegant, smooth appearance you will love. Sheer curtains allow natural light to filter through, while still giving you a little privacy. Choose soft colours like beige or white and you can layer sheers over blinds to give the window depth.

Make a Statement with Drapes

Drapes are the opposite to sheers, being made from heavy fabric they give a bolder formality to a room. Great if you want a warm, cosy atmosphere, drapes insulate and block noise well. Drapes can be made from silk, velvet or damask and do require maintenance due to their thick fabric.

Add Depth by Layering Curtains

Why not do something a little different by layering two pairs of curtains? This is a great idea to add extra warmth to a room and the layered effect adds uniqueness. Choose one curtain in a plain block colour and one patterned for a stunning contrast.

Twist and Drape Window Scarves

Window scarves are similar to sheers being made from a lightweight, sheer fabric. The difference is, you can style them in various ways for dramatic effect. Twist your window scarves around the top pole or hang them loosely and bunch up at the bottom with a curtain tie.

Mix Bold and Bright Shades

If your furniture and flooring is a muted tone, why not get a little playful and add vibrancy to your window treatments. Choose a bright accent colour that links certain items throughout the room like; the curtains, cushions, a chair or a light fixture. This way, you add colour but also have connectivity.

Team Curtains with Shades or Blinds

If you already have blinds or shades at your living room windows, you can still add curtains for a stunning layered effect. This not only adds a depth, but it gives you even more privacy over heat and light. Avoid using multiple patterns at the same window as this can look a little messy. But patterned curtains over muted blinds will really make a statement.