It’s lovely relaxing in the garden after a hard day’s work, until you notice a neighbour staring directly at you! If your backyard, patio or front yard is open to prying eyes, this article will give you garden privacy ideas that are simple and affordable. Once your garden has a little coverage, you can get back to chilling in your outdoor oasis. Let’s take a look at how to add privacy to your outdoor space, without breaking the bank.

Simple and Affordable Garden Privacy Screens

  1. Bushy Fast Growing Plants

Bushy plants will give you the garden privacy you need. Not only will they protect you from prying eyes, but they’ll actually improve the look of your outdoor space. Opt for fast growing plants or trees that spread out wide and/or grow tall. Fast growing privacy plants to consider include;

  • Bamboo
  • Orange Blossom
  • Red Robin
  • Lilli Pilly
  • Leighton Green
  1. Tall Ornamental Grasses

Tall ornamental grass is another idea to increase garden privacy while adding a decorative element. Plant your tall grass in sturdy galvanized pots and line around a patio or entertainment area. If you have a flower garden, plant them as a backdrop to flower beds where you need shelter from passers by.

  1. Install Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds are a great option for a patio, café or outdoor entertainment area where you want to enjoy your outdoor space year round and have a little privacy. Café blinds act like privacy screens, easily rolled down to shield you space and rolled back up when you want more light.

  1. Wood Lattice Privacy Screen

Outdoor lattice screens are an extremely affordable way to add privacy without completely blocking the view. Choose yours in a range of beautiful materials such as bamboo, hardwood or aluminum. You can even grow vines and hang plants on the lattice framework once set up, to add an extra decorative element.

  1. Outdoor Privacy Curtains

Outdoor privacy curtains are an affordable and simple way to shield your patio from onlookers. You can make your own from large pieces of cloth or by using beach sarongs. For a more professional approach, get custom made outdoor curtains from your Perth blind and curtain experts.

  1. Stylish Outdoor Shutters

Outdoor shutters give you extreme privacy control while also allowing good light and air control. Just tilt the louvres up or down till your satisfied and kick back with a good book, without worrying about anyone staring at you. Outdoor shutters are usually best used in a protected are like decking, especially if they are made from wood which can warp in wet weather.

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