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When it comes to increasing your home’s aesthetic appeal and comfort, Affordable Shutters & Blinds is here to help. Our extensive inventory is where you will find the most choices for premium blinds and shutters in Perth.

We offer a range of window coverings designed to enhance the appearance of your home. Our wide selection of products is composed of first-rate and innovative window additions that improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. Our WA blinds add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home or commercial property.


Apart from enhancing your aesthetic appeal, our products also come with beneficial features for you and your family. Our shutters provide additional comfort and security for your home. Each of our shutters offer additional privacy and protect your home from extreme heat or cold by maintaining room temperature. There is no need to worry about excess sun exposure due to its light control feature.

Installing blinds in the window makes a drastic change to the look and feel of a room. We are a Western Australian Blinds company offering various types of blinds that will give your room the perfect look.

Other than blinds we also provide Roller Shutters. Roller Shutters are gaining popularity nowadays, amongst households because of their versatility, and adjustable automatic wind speed sensor control, timers for shutting down or opening, benefits such as control of sunlight entering the home through windows, reduction of the outdoor noise by lowering the shutters, reduction of energy consumption by saving heating and cooling costs as they help in insulating the room better.

We also provide solutions for outdoor blinds which some homeowners do not pay attention to. Outdoor blinds would be a good way to start with the customization of your outdoor space as they can provide a new fresh look to your outdoor space. They are really easy to install, they have a self aligning system and a very low maintenance cost, they are available in a countless number of designs & colours from which you can choose from, as per your preference, and the look you want to give to your outdoor space.

Our products are also low-maintenance, add value to any home and complement any interior’s décor.


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