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Affordable Custom Made Timber Venetian Blind

Timeless, sophisticated and affordable, timber venetian blinds are the perfect addition to homes of any era. Suiting both traditional architecture and contemporary properties, timber venetian blinds provide you with privacy, security and style.


At Affordable Shutters & Blinds, we specialise in crafting high quality timber venetian blinds. Utilising premium local materials, our qualified and experienced tradespeople take care of manufacturing and installation.

In addition to offering a huge range of affordable and durable blinds, we’ll also beat any written quote – guaranteed.


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Timber Venetians are Simple and Effective

With a grainy appearance and medium texture, our range of blinds maintain a clear and consistent colour and pattern while also showcasing their natural timber.


Available with a manual cord or motorised operating system, timber Venetian blinds offer a simple yet effective way to control the light, airflow and temperature of your space.

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Quality Manufacturing

Our high-quality timber Venetian blinds are made from poplar; a lightweight wood providing enhanced durability and appearance. Renowned for its resistance to dents, marks, peeling and twisting, poplar easily absorbs paint to extend the lifespan of the wood. Living in WA, we know that summer and winter conditions are very different. To ensure the lifespan of your blinds in all weather conditions, we conduct strict and thorough testing to maximise quality.


All timber used is logged responsibly from managed forests in America. Manufactured custom in Australia, we complete your blinds with high-quality components for smooth and simple operation.

When it comes to maintenance, all it takes is a simple sweep of a feather duster to have your timber Venetian blinds looking as good as new.

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Multiple Colour Options


When creating your timber venetian blinds, you take total control over the colour and finish. Our colour palette contains a mix of neutrals and contrasting dark hues, adding depth and dimension to any room. Available in 50mm or 63mm slats, you’re bound to find a perfect colour match for your interior. In addition, all colour coordinated tassels, cords and accessories come standard.


Choose from:


  • Golden Oak (50mm slats)
  • Bourbon (50mm slats)
  • Chocolate (50mm slats)
  • Snow White (50mm and 63mm slats)
  • Pearl White (50mm and 63mm slats)
  • Walnut (50mm and 63mm slats)
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Add Style and Flare to Your Interior

With one of Perth’s widest selection of timber Venetian blinds, Affordable Shutters and Blinds makes it simple to add style and flare to your interior. Combined with simple and functional operating mechanisms, you can control the amount of light and air flowing through your space.

Block out the sun on hot summer days or let light stream through during winter. Your timber Venetian blinds allow you to transform the atmosphere of your home while also adding style and character.


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Timber Venetian Blinds Features and Benefits

  • Great Light Control

    Easily control the light flow through timber venetian blinds by simply tilting the slats. Venetians allow the precise control of light and heat, without needing a blockout option like with other blinds.

  • Natural Style

    The natural timber of Venetians offers a beautiful, simple style and compliments any home décor.

  • Natural Home Insulation

    Timber naturally insulates, meaning timber Venetians help to regulate home temperatures. Enjoy keeping the warmth in during the winter and staying cool during the summer.

  • Choose from Many Colours

    Timber Venetians can be customised in a wide variety of colours. Go white for a bright and coastal vibe or dark brown for warmth and drama.

  • Easy to Keep Clean

    Wood is extremely durable and holds onto colour well. Timber Venetians just need the occasional dust and polish to keep them looking fabulous.

  • Extremely Durable

    Timber Venetians are well known for their durability and resistance to marks, dents, peeling and warping. Once you have your Venetians fitted, they stay looking beautiful long term.

Create Your Custom Blinds Today


Get started on creating your custom timber venetian blinds. We make custom blind manufacturing and quality installation more cost effective than ever. Learn more about our range of timber venetian blinds. Contact our team today on 08 9399 9619. We’ll beat any quote – guaranteed!