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Quality WoodNature Blinds



Looking for a low maintenance window covering that looks and feels just like real timber? WoodNature blinds could be for you. With the appearance of real wood – including all the graininess that you’d expect – WoodNature blinds feature advanced technology that is resistant to discolouration and warping over time.


We specialise in guiding you through our range of WoodNature blinds to help you find the ideal colour, style and design for your space. With superior quality and durability, our WoodNature blinds offer long lasting solutions for all types of homes and windows.


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Wood Effect Blinds Offer Functionality and Style

Specialising in the manufacturing and installation of WoodNature blinds across Perth, Affordable Shutters & Blinds can guide you through our collection of premium blinds solutions. Enjoy complete control over the light and ventilation of your home with our range of low maintenance WoodNature blinds designed specifically to perform in conditions adjacent to windows.


With a huge selection of blinds available, we make it simple to enjoy filtered light during the day and complete privacy in the night.


Featuring natural characteristics of real timber plus an extensive range of colour and grain variations, our WoodNature blinds capture the look of real wood combined with the strength of Polystyrene.


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High Quality and Low Maintenance


Our WoodNature blinds are produced from Polystyrene, providing improved resistance to cracking, peeling and fading. Ideal for areas with high humidity, extreme temperatures and consistent direct sunlight, WoodNature blinds provide you with functionality and reliability. Due to the thickness of the slats, our blinds are sturdier and require less tape during the fabrication process. The appearance of cords is minimised, producing a more visually appealing finish once installation is complete.


Easy to maintain, slats can simply be wiped down and cleaned with a damp cloth. Unlike real wood that requires continuous re-staining, WoodNature blinds maintain their colour and quality over time.


When it comes to maintenance, all it takes is a simple sweep of a feather duster to have your timber Venetian blinds looking as good as new.


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Colour Options


With a huge range of colour options for WoodNature blinds, we make it simple find the ideal custom blinds solution to suit your home’s style and functionality requirements. Manufactured in neutral, natural tones and shades, our WoodNature blinds come paired with the perfect accessories, cords and components.


Choose from:


  • Snow White 820 (50mm and 63mm)
  • Coachwood 971 (50mm)
  • Pearl White 962 (50mm and 63mm)
  • Natural 830 (50mm)
  • Oak 659 (50mm)
  • Cherry 833 (50mm)
  • Alabaster (50mm and 63mm)
  • Pecan 676 (50mm and 63mm)


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Create Your Custom Curtains and Blinds


When it comes to high quality curtains and blinds in Perth, we have you covered. We specialise in manufacturing and installing a range of custom blinds with expertise and precision. With an extensive selection of WoodNature blinds designs and colours, you’re bound to find the perfect solution to suit your space.


Durable, high quality and engineered to last, our WoodNature blinds offer superior strength, functionality and style. Find out more about our selection of WoodNature blinds and get expert design and installation advice. Contact Perth’s blinds professionals today on 08 9399 9619

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Create Your Custom Blinds Today


Get started on creating your WoodNature Blinds. We make custom manufacturing and quality installation more cost effective than ever. Learn more about our range of timber venetian blinds. Contact our team today on 08 9399 9619. We’ll beat any quote – guaranteed!