5 Simple Steps to Find Your Interior Home Decorating Style

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Are you someone who struggles to choose every piece of furniture in your home because you’re not sure what style works well? If this sounds like you, don’t panic! While it may feel like an overwhelming task to decorate your home, this article is going to guide you step by step through the process.

Some people have a style all of their own and just know what they want. But, for others, a little thought is needed to find something that suits their personality. Here’s five simple steps to find your interior home decorating style.

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Browse Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best places to research home décor styles and trends. In the search bar type in ‘interior design’ or ‘home décor ideas’ and hundreds will come up for you to scroll through and get inspired. Save the pins you like on a personal mood board. Once you have a few, compare each to see which resonates with you.

Interior Design Style Quizzes

Type ‘interior design style quizzes’ into Google and you can try out many fun quizzes. Each is designed with multiple questions that will guide you to your style as quickly as possible. Answer the questions honestly and without thinking too much. At the end, you should know whether industrial, happy modern, classic glam, eclectic or any other style suits you best.

Get Inspired by Homes Around Town

When walking around your neighbourhood, take a look at different homes. What is it that stands out to you? Do you love the minimalist and modern style or maybe the traditional brick? If you like modern homes, the chances are you’d love modern furniture, minimalist custom blinds and contemporary home décor.

Inspect Your Wardrobe

What is your personal style like? Do you wear bright, eclectic dresses or do you prefer classic, neutral t-shirts and jeans? If your personal style is simple, the chances are you’d prefer a neutral style in your home. And simple doesn’t have to mean boring. You can play around with textures, layers and throw in a few stand out pieces for a little fun.

Review Your Current Décor

Have a walk through your home taking notes of what you like and want to replace. Assess the things you love to see if there’s a common theme. You might find you actually have a style already and you just didn’t realise it. Every time you buy something new for your home, take a look at the list you love. Now you can filter out the things you don’t like and build on the style you like.

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