7 Tips to Create the Perfect Productive Study Space for Kids

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There’s no ideal study space for everyone. Creating the right work space for your child can be a challenge, but with a little thought, they will get their homework done effortlessly.

With so many distractions around from outside and online, a study space needs to keep a child focused. While you can’t completely eradicate noise, there are a few ways to minimise it. Here are seven tips to create the perfect productive study space for kids.

Select the Right Space

Does your child need complete silence or constant reassurance from you? If your young one needs alone time, a quiet corner of a bedroom or spare room, could work well. If they need your help a lot, a corner of the kitchen might be ideal. Wherever you choose, make it a permanent spot they know is theirs and is meant for study time.

Choose the Right Desk and Chair

The right desk and chair is essential for productive work. If your kids back is aching, not much homework will get done! Choose a desk that is waist height, so they can get their elbows on the table without hunching. The chair should allow the feet to sit flat on the floor and ideally, a backrest is recommended, to support a straight spine.

Make it Comfortable

A study space should be comfortable, but not so comfortable that your child falls asleep! Comfort might mean a cushion on the chair or a blanket over the legs to keep them warm.

Light and Privacy

Install the right custom blinds or shutters on the windows so you have complete control over light and privacy. While having a view out of the window is nice, this can be distracting and may stop your child from working. Also, a good amount of natural light should keep your child awake and energised. Roller blinds, shutters and venetian blinds are great options for study and work spaces.

Remove Distractions

Laptops, mobile phones and game consoles can be extremely distracting. Make sure all electronic devices are removed from your child’s study space so they can focus on the task at hand.

Gather the Right Tools

Fill the study space with all the essentials such as pencils, pens, rulers, books, paper and anything else your child needs to finish a project. Having everything ready, removes the need for your child to run around gathering tools.

Set the Right Temperature

The right temperature is critical in any study or work space. If it’s too hot, your child may feel drowsy, which could encourage mistakes. If it’s too cold, this could lead to an illness and time off school. The right window treatments do a good job at insulating a room in winter months and blocking out the heat in the summer.