What Is Paulownia Wood and Why is it a Great Option for Shutters?

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Paulownia wood is a South East Asian native hardwood. It’s a fast growing tree and sustainable, being able to regenerate from the existing roots. Because it grows so quickly, it’s a reliable hardwood, used for many different products around the world. Paulownia shutters have become increasingly popular due to their natural, fine grained look and warp resistance. Indoor Paulownia shutters are ideal for all different types of windows, including café style, full height, tier on tier and bi-fold doors.

The Benefits of Paulownia Hardwood Shutters


Paulownia shutters are ideal for customers who like to be kind to the environment. The paulownia tree is fast growing and harvested every 7 – 10 years, allowing reforestation to happen relatively quickly. This tree is also able to thrive in challenging conditions and is able to regenerate from the existing roots many times. Another benefit is that the paulownia tree is practically knot free, which reduces cost and wastage.


Paulownia hardwood is one of the lightest known timbers and is half the weight of pine and a third of the weight of oak. This makes paulownia shutters ideal to cover large spaces such as doorways and bay windows.

Strong and Durable

Lightweight doesn’t mean weak. Paulownia hardwood has the highest weight to strength ratio of any wood in the world. It has a MOR (modulus of rupture) strength of 5,740, which is more than double the strength of balsa wood (which is another wood known for its strength).

Energy Efficient

Paulownia wood has incredible insulation properties. Because of its low thermal conductivity, it helps to keep the heat inside the home in the winter and keeps rooms cool during the summer. Plus, it’s simple to use rod system allows you to open and close the shutters, further enhancing the shutters thermal conductivity. To sum up, paulownia wood is the best choice of wood for shutters, that will allow your home to enjoy incredible comfort, a beautiful style and unrivalled durability.

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