With Australia and the majority of the world being on lockdown with Covid19 silently rampaging, many people will be working from home. You might already have a home office or you may be looking to turn a room into a functional, productive workspace.

Either way, the right window treatments can have a huge impact on your work productivity levels. If you have too much light, the temperature may soar and you won’t be able to see your computer screen well. Too little light and you could strain your eyes and be wanting to take a nap! Let’s take a look at what you should consider, when choosing custom blinds for your Perth home office.
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Light and Temperature Control

These are some of the major factors that need to be controlled to ensure a productive work day. If your home office faces the direct glare of the sun, this is going to heat up the room and add an annoying glare to your computer screen.

Roller blinds are a great option for a home office being fuss-free, easy to maintain and they offer great light, temperature and privacy control. Modern roller blinds look smart, stylish and are affordable. You can even order a style with cordless technology, freeing your office from extra clutter.
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Blocking Noise and Activity

If you’re working at home for the first time, it can take a while to get into a routine and block out distractions. Living next to a road or path where a lot of footfall passes, can mean a lot of noise and activity which could interrupt your work flow.

A good idea to combat this is to use noise dampening window treatments. Affordable shutters can make you quality custom blinds with thick linings to cut out noise disturbance. Roman blinds, double roller blinds, curtains and shutters have great soundproofing qualities and will dampen the noise from outside.
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Style of Your Blinds

The type of window treatment for your home office, will differ from your living room or bedroom. It’s likely for your office, you’ll want to create a more professional, fuss-free space that helps you to concentrate.

Blinds and shutters are an ideal choice for home offices being practical and functional. They will be fitted to your exact window size, leaving space under the window for extra furniture or equipment.Wood shutters or timber venetian blinds are a great choice for a home office being timeless and sturdy. Fabric roller blinds are another winning choice and you can choose a neutral colour scheme or add a little fun with a patterned blind, if the rest of your office is one colour.
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