Feel Like a Million Dollars with These Smart Sleep Tips

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Not getting enough sleep can make you feel grumpy, unproductive and even contribute to weight gain! There is nothing worse than not getting enough sleep, especially when you have a busy day ahead.

While sleep deprivation can be caused by many reasons, one big factor can be your bedroom environment. Your bedroom settings and features can have a big effect on your comfort and your sleep patterns. If there is too much light and noise creeping in through the windows, this can stop you from falling asleep and make you feel unrested in the morning.
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How to Block Light from Bedroom Windows?

As the light falls outside, the melatonin rises in our bodies which helps us to sleep. Unfortunately, if you have a street light outside your window, or if you stare at your computer screen too long, this can be disrupted.

If you’re sensitive to light, it’s a good idea to invest in blockout blinds or blockout curtains. Here are some of the best online blinds and window coverings that will block out light in your bedroom;

  • Roman blinds or roller blinds. These are a great option for any bedroom wishing to control light, heat and privacy. Roller blinds and Roman blinds are very similar, having a pulley system that allows them to cover the window while pulled down or be pulled up to allow light in. The only difference is; Roman blinds make more of a feature, with part of the fabric still being seen when pulled up. Ask your local blind company in Perth to custom make your blinds in blockout fabric to reduce light, heat and noise.
  • Blockout curtains. These can be custom made in a style of your choice and will have a thick layer of blockout fabric on the inside. Ask for padded pelmets which sit at the top of the curtains, if there is a risk of light from a street lamp.
  • Double roller blinds. These are a little more expensive than single roller blinds, due to the fact they are made with two layers of fabric. You can talk with your local blinds experts to learn which is best for you, but a good combination for bedrooms is a blockout layer and a sunscreen layer.


Do You Have Bedroom Blinds, But Still Get Interrupted Sleep?

If you already have blinds fitted in your bedroom, but still get disruption from light at night, there could be a few reasons. The first is obviously if the blind fabric is of low quality and not blocking light. Some other reasons are;

Blinds Fitted Inside the Window Frame

This may mean that light can pour over the top of the blinds or window covering. Ask your blind company in Perth to fit your blinds outside of the window frame, which will solve this.

Blinds Do Not Fit the Window Space Correctly

If a non-expert has fitted your blinds or curtains, this could mean the window coverings have been incorrectly sized. Affordable Shutters and Blinds have over 25 years’ industry experience and will be able to measure and fit your blockout blinds perfectly. This means, there will be no gaping holes around your window space and light will be totally blocked out allowing you to get a good night’s rest.

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