If you have blinds, curtains and kids in your home, it’s imperative you take precautions to ensure they are safe from causing an injury to themselves. When you have your roller blinds or curtains installed, you should talk with your provider to ensure they fit them with child safety measures in mind.

If you’ve already had blinds and curtains for a long time and suddenly have a new young one in the home, there’s a few precautions you can take yourself to ensure safety. Make sure you inspect all the roller blinds and other window coverings in your home, to remove potential hazards like; any hanging cords or loops of fabric.

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Tips to Child Safe Your Blinds and Curtains

If you have a new child in the home or have had new roller blinds, shutters or curtains installed, make sure you do a thorough check of every window covering in your home.

  • Check each room and assess the blinds and curtains. Make sure there are not any long or looped cords where a child could get caught in.
  • Assess if furniture is near enough to a hanging cord that a child could climb up onto it and get tangled. Move if necessary.
  • Don’t set your baby’s crib or cot next to a window where they could reach the cord of a blind or shutter.
  • If you do have hanging cords, consider attaching a hook or wall-mounted cleat to the wall where you can wrap the cord around out of reach
  • Talk to the Affordable Shutters & Blinds team for child safe options for your roller blinds, curtains and shutters

Talk to Your Custom Blind Supplier for Advice

When choosing your roller blinds, curtains or shutters, talk with the experts at Affordable Shutters. We take child safety really seriously and can supply you with child friendly and easy to secure cord options on request.

All our products are made with the best quality materials and adhere to the highest Australian child safety standards. We can also advise on extra child safety devices for any products that could deem a risk.

Quality and High Standards

You can be rest assured that all blinds, shutters and curtains we sell at Affordable Shutters are made to the highest standards. We value quality, customer satisfaction and we take safety very seriously.

Our team is happy to advise on how you can child proof any of your window coverings, please talk with us when you make an order. Make sure you do regular checks around your home, to make sure cords and any hanging parts don’t cause a hazard.