Tips and Techniques to Style Sheer Curtains

Brining Comfort To Your Home

The right window dressings are essential to add that finishing touch to a room. They provide privacy, light control and a little style. You can literally change the whole feel of a room, by updating your window coverings. Choose sheers in a contemporary or classic style, by selecting different fabrics, colours and designs.

Sheers have become a popular choice for interior designers and homeowners alike, because of their ability to filter in natural light while still providing enough privacy. The light fabric allows you to look out, while still protecting you from passersby looking in. Made from a translucent fabric which is lightweight, sheers have an elegant, sophisticated feel.

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Are Sheer Curtains Good for a Living Room?

If your living room brings in a lot of natural light, sheer curtains are a great way to control the light, without totally blocking it. Sheers are an extremely functional and a beautiful option to dress a living room window. You can even team them with heavy curtains or custom blinds to create your own unique look.

Are Sheer Curtains Outdated?

With so many new and beautiful style of sheer curtains today, it’s hard to call them outdated. If styled well, sheers will transform a space, adding drama, style and uniqueness. They soften the incoming of light, but still let you have that connection with the outdoors. And the extra light, gives your home an airy feel and can even give the impression of the room being bigger than it is.

How to Style Sheer Curtains in Your Home

Modern Chic

Contemporary sheers decorate windows, without being too overbearing. Think modern black, grey or white tones for your flowing sheers, giving an understated sophistication. Modern homes enjoy clean lines, a simple open plan and style without trying too hard.

Natural Rustic

Natural rustic sheers could be in a cool white, a soft beige or even a burnt orange. If you love the rustic look, your home is probably filled with earth tones, wooden furniture, Asian woven rugs and trinkets collected from around the world. Bring together your rustic vibe with natural sheers.

Subtle Metallic

Metallic accents are an extension of the contemporary look. If you love to stand out, metallic sheers could be a way to do it. Your windows will grab attention, dressed with sheers emblazoned with a metallic motif or a woven metallic thread. If this seems too much, opt for a lighter metallic sheen or darker sheers and metallic feature accents around the room.

Classic Fresh

Classic voile sheers give an open, airy feel and produce a relaxing ambiance. These types of sheers are smooth in appearance and often made from a blend of cotton, linen and polyester. Great for modern and rustic styled homes to frame windows, while still providing privacy and allowing natural light in during the day.