Tips for Choosing a Home Décor Colour Palette

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Have you decided to freshen up your home with a lick of paint? Or maybe you’re getting new furniture and window coverings? Whatever changes you’re making to your home, it can be a struggle deciding on what colours to go with. If you choose the wrong colour palette, it can seriously upset the mood of a room.

It’s important to be confident you’re choosing the right colours, before you go all in. Otherwise it can take some serious time and money to make it right again. But how do you choose the right interior colour palette? Here are a few tips to help you decorate right, the first time.

Use Basic Colour Theory

Colour theory offers guidance with colour mixing and how specific colour combinations work together. It’s a go to for designers and decorators to help them pick the best colour combos. If it’s good enough for the pros, it should be the first place you look for inspiration. Using a colour wheel, you can find new colour schemes quickly, seeing how they interact together. Remember you can tone down bold combos, if you like the colours but want something more relaxing.

Check Pinterest for Inspirational Colour Palette Ideas

Pinterest is a social hub full of creative inspiration from bloggers and designers. Follow colour palette boards you love and even save them to your own boards to look back on. Building inspiration boards allows you to see the colours next to each other and which will work in your home.

Take Inspiration from a Fabric Print

Do you have a jazzy floor rug or sofa cushion? Is there a tablecloth or colourful bed linen you love? You chose these prints for a reason and a simple way to choose a main décor colour is by pulling one main colour from a fabric. For a feature wall, you can pull the brightest colour from the print to use. If you’re decorating a larger space, look at the less dramatic colours in the print.

Choose Complementary Colours from Art Work

If you have art work hanging around your home, check out the colour schemes here. Artists are experts at colour matching and creating an emotion and you can draw from this. Neutral colours can be added to a wall space and bolder ones used for rugs and window blinds.

Consider Multiple Shades of the Same Colour

While most people think you have to choose two or three colours to decorate a space with. You can actually choose one main colour and use lighter and darker shades throughout a room. Colours that work well with this theory are creams through to beige brown and grey through to black. This colour pick method is simple and creates a classic unified style throughout.