Custom roller blinds are great for use in your home or in the office. They are fast becoming one of the most popular window covering due to their functionality, fashionable look and because they’re so customisable.

You can choose from a wide range of colours, designs, shapes and materials for your roller blinds and some will suit certain rooms of your home better than others. This is because you’ll have different needs for each room like in the bedroom, you may want total blackout to be able to sleep in. And in the kitchen/living room area, you may want more light to filter in.

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Roller Blinds and Light

Depending on the room in your home and the amount of sun you get where you live, you’ll need to choose a roller blind fabric that helps you achieve your light filtering goals. Do you want a little light to come into the room or none at all? Take a look at these roller blind fabric types.

  • Block out fabrics. These super durable blind fabrics, will totally block the sun from entering the room. Great if you live in an area with harsh sun and high temperatures and they are suitable for all rooms in your home if you like to stay cool and shaded. They are particularly well suited for bathrooms and bedrooms where you’ll want a bit more privacy.
  • Sunscreen fabrics. These are made from a specially designed mesh which still lets light in, but protects you from the harsh UV rays and still gives you privacy. Great for kitchens, living rooms and studies, especially if you live in a sunny area near to a road or where people pass by frequently.
  • Light Filtering fabrics. If you’re not worried about high levels of privacy or about the sun’s harsh rays, these blinds are perfect and will allow light to filter into a room. Great for rooms like the kitchen and living area. They will block people from seeing into your home, but at night you’ll be able to see shadows through them so they don’t give the most privacy.

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What Else to Consider

Other things to consider when choosing the fabric for your custom roller blind are whether the room will be exposed to large amounts of moisture, dirt or dust. In the kitchen and bathroom it would be wise to opt for a waterproof fabric like vinyl or polyester, which can be wiped clean easily and repel moisture.

If you suffer from allergies and live in an area with a high pollen count, you may want to consider choosing a pollergen fabric. This is a specially treated fabric which will reduce the effects of the pollen during the high pollen count months.

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