Wooden shutters and blinds are a beautiful, natural looking addition to any home. They offer functionality, help to lower your energy bills, maintain your privacy and they add an extra dimension to your space.

While wooden shutters or plantation shutters don’t require much maintenance, taking a little time to give them some love will prolong their life. Let’s take a look at the best ways to care for your wooden shutters or blinds.
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Dust Your Shutters Weekly

The battle against dust and grime is a continual one right! It may seem like dust never goes away, but giving your wooden shutters a dust weekly will prevent unsightly grime build up. A soft cloth or duster is all that is needed, wiping over each slat. Another option is to give the wooden slats a hoover when you have it out.

Keep Your Shutters Free from Moisture

Moisture and humidity can warp your wooden blinds if left too long. Make sure you keep your home moisture free by opening windows and even using a humidifier when needed. Also, when cleaning; do not overly soak your blinds with a cleaning solution. Moisture and wood do not go well together so keep this in mind when you’re cleaning.

Use Specialist Cleaning Products

If your wooden blinds have become extremely dirty, you can give them a deep clean with a specialised wood cleaning solution. Check with specialist blind companies in Perth like Affordable Shutters and Blinds. They can tell you which cleaning solution to use for your particular blinds. Another option is to use a furniture polish which is designed to clean wooden surfaces.

Use a Toothbrush to Reach Dirt in Cracks

Dirt and grime may occasionally get stuck in the natural grooves of the wood. This can be easily removed by using a soft, old toothbrush. For stubborn dirt, add in a little spray of your specialist wood cleaning product.

Sand, Seal and Stain Your Wooden Shutters When Needed

Just like you would re-sand and stain decking after an amount of time, wooden blinds benefit from the same treatment. Plantation shutters may start to peel or crack, especially if they are outside the window. Here’s how to revamp your wooden shutters;

  • Remove any old flaked paint and sand down to create a smooth surface
  • Get a wood filler and insert it into any gaps or cracks
  • Apply a wood stain with a cloth. Don’t over saturate
  • Next add sealant or a varnish. This will give the wood a strong barrier against moisture and any invasive insects

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