Choose the Right Blinds for Your Rental Property to Keep Tenants Happy

If you have a rental property and plan to fill it with new tenants soon, there are a few basic items you’ll need to furnish the rental property. Choosing the right i
tems could also be the deciding factor on whether someone chooses to rent your place. Too little and potential tenants may be put off, but too much or the wrong type of furnishings could also deter prospects.

A rental property that is cluttered or filled with old style ‘busy’ furnishings, may be harder get filled with tenants. To make your life easier as a landlord, install the right blinds or shutters that have a minimalist style and are easy to look after.

Blinds are Easier to Clean than Drapes or Curtains

It can be a big job taking curtains down to have them cleaned. This is why shutters and blinds are a more preferred option for rental properties. They can be easily wiped down making them a way more hygienic option than curtains. Not only are they easier to clean, they even make the place look cleaner and tidier taking up less room.

Shutters and Blinds Give a Minimalist Spacious Feel

With more and more people choosing to live in cities, apartments are getting smaller as rents rise. If your rental property is small on space, you can open it up with some clever décor choices. Big, heavy curtains will spill out into a room but blinds will sit neatly over the window, with clean minimalist lines.

Blinds and Shutters Are More Attractive to Tenants

Roller blinds and shutters are way more attractive to prospective tenants than curtains. They give a more modern look and can actually help sway the decision on whether to rent your property or not. With more and more competition on the rental market, you need to give a good first impression to tenants and smart, minimalist shutters or blinds will help.

Multiple Custom Blinds and Shutter Styles to Choose From

There is so much choice for custom blinds in Perth from Venetian blinds, roller blinds, timber venetian blinds, vertical blinds and a range of shutters. You will be able to find multiple types of blinds or shutters to suit your property and enhance its appeal. Natural designs are one of the most popular, especially with rental properties like; basswood shutters and woodnature blinds.

Choose the right blinds or shutters for your property and it’ll be easy to rent out. Talk to the team at Affordable Shutters and Blinds if you need help with your selection.