Define Your Lifestyle with Custom Blinds and Curtains

From grand heavy drapes that add drama and sophistication to soft and subtle sheer curtains that allow light to flow through, Affordable Shutters & Blinds has you covered. As a WA owned business based in Perth, we provide an extensive range of high quality custom blinds and curtains created to your specifications.


With expertise in custom made curtains, our team helps you define your lifestyle and make a statement. Stocking an extensive collection of diverse and high quality fabrics, bring your curtain designs and ideas to life with Affordable Shutters and Blinds.


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Curtains Transform Your Space

Curtains are versatile and functional decorative elements, providing both aesthetic transformations and the added practicality of light and airflow control. Unlike blinds, curtains come in an almost infinite number of colours, textures, designs and styles, allowing you to exercise your creativity and take control over your interior.

Transform your space with high quality custom made curtains. As Perth-based blinds and curtains professionals, our design and manufacturing team is on hand to ensure that your curtains blend perfectly with the mood and tone of your room.


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Quality Fabrics for Custom Made Curtains

We’re proud to offer an extensive selection of fabrics to craft your custom made curtains. With a seemingly endless inventory, our designers work with you to create curtains that fit your home’s style and your preferences. From modern apartment living to traditional cottage-style homes, you’ll find a colour, pattern, opacity and design to suit your needs.


At Affordable Shutters and Blinds, we endeavour to source our fabrics from local producers whenever possible. You can take comfort in the quality of your fabric, while also knowing that your choices benefit local businesses.


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Add Style, Comfort and Privacy

Bring style, comfort and privacy to your home with custom-made curtains from Affordable Shutters and Blinds.

Adding much more than a decorative touch, curtains work to protect you from the harsh Australian climate year-round. Blocking excess sun during the extreme summer seasons and limiting flow of cold air during the winter months, curtains aid in maintaining a comfortable living environment.


When it comes to privacy, there’s no substitute for curtains. During the day, curtains can restrict visibility from the outside while still allowing natural light to filter through and illuminate your space. At night, thicker curtains completely eliminate visibility from the outside. This allows you to comfortably enjoy your home without fear of people peering in from the street. Whether it’s for the day or the night, curtains allow you to take control over the privacy of your home.

At Affordable Shutters and Blinds, we create all of our curtains from premium fabrics. Designed for prolonged and heavy use, our curtains require minimal maintenance.

  • Range of fabrics from sheer to full blockout
  • Control light
  • Large range of colours
  • Can be fitted either inside or outside the window recess
  • Retain heat
  • Hand-drawn or motorised options
  • Low maintenance


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Create Your Custom Blinds and Curtains

Ready to create your custom curtains? At Affordable Shutters and Blinds, we specialise in crafting bespoke window treatments. With affordable products and unbeatable customer service, we’ve quickly become Perth’s go-to team for all things curtains and blinds.

Got a written quote? We’ll beat it. Contact our Perth professionals today to get started.

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Bringing style and comfort to your home

Apart from increasing any room’s appeal, our curtains also protect you from the harsh Australian climate. Curtains block out the excess light from extreme summer seasons, providing protection and comfort for your family. Curtains are also perfect for cosy movie days with friends and family as they provide shade.


All of our curtains are designed for prolonged use and little maintenance is required. They provide the privacy you deserve while increasing the aesthetic appeal of a room.


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