Bedroom windows need to provide darkness and privacy for us to sleep, but they also need to bring something to the room. Luckily, there are multiple types of window coverings that do the job well. The hardest part is, deciding whether to go for blinds, shutters, curtains or a mix of both.

Types of blinds to choose from include roller blinds, Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, verticals and panel glide blinds. And there are various types of shutters and curtains made from an extensive selection of fabrics. So how do you decide on the best window treatment for your bedroom? Let’s get inspired and look at how to dress a bedroom window for style and privacy.

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Crisp and Clean White Bedroom Shutters

Crisp, bright white shutters are a beautiful and functional bedroom window dressing. Slats can be opened to let in air and light, or closed off when you want privacy. Polyresin shutters can only be fitted internally and are a top choice, known for their durability, low maintenance and classic look.

Warm Things Up with Dark Bedroom Shutters

While bright white shutters look incredible, they’ll not block light as well as a darker shutter. If you need complete darkness to get to sleep, dark bedroom shutters may be a better choice. Not only do they block light well, but they give a warm, ambient feel which is perfect for a bedroom setting.

Grand Heavy Drapes and Soft Sheer Curtains

Heavy drapes offer a sophisticated look and are excellent at blocking light and heat. Pair them with subtle sheer curtains to let light in during the day, but still give you privacy. Choose your drapes in a range of colours, textures and styles to really make your bedroom windows pop.

Simple and Stylish Modern Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a simple, stylish and un-fussy option to dress your bedroom windows. If your home is leaning toward the modern, less is more look, roller blinds are a great choice. They offer fantastic light and privacy control and are pretty affordable. Choose a neutral colour if you like the ‘barely there’ look, or choose something a little brighter to add interest.

Block Light and Heat with Beautiful Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a practical and stylish option for bedroom windows. Choose blockout fabric to keep the room dark when you want to sleep and tailor them to your style. Light and bright fabrics give the room an airy feel or choose a patterned fabric which adds a unique decorative element. Roman blinds can be easily rolled up during the day to let light in and you can pair them with soft sheer curtains for a layered design.

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