Are you moving into a new home or re-decorating your current one? Either way, you may be thinking how to inject a little luxury into the décor? Luckily, getting the luxurious look doesn’t mean you need to go broke overspending on high end furniture and branded furnishings.

It is possible to use a little creativity and flair, to make your home feel like it’s had the high end decorators in. Let’s take a look how to make your home look luxurious on a budget.

Balance the Lighting

Just relying on overhead lighting can make a room feel sterile. Place lamps around your home, perched on side tables and cabinets. Low key lighting creates a warming ambience that feels a little more upscale. Try choosing lamps that have a unique look, like with a copper or crystal base. Something a little different makes it look way more expensive than it is.

Go Large with Art

Interior decorators who work on luxurious properties will tell you that size does matter! Ditch the small frames and buy large frames that have an impact and become a focal point in any room. To cut costs, take a look online and purchase affordable prints that fit into each frame.

Mix Neutral with Dark Accents

If you’re painting the walls of a new home, it can save time and money to go with a neutral white or cream. These classic colours never go out of style and even if you change the furnishings, these colours can still work. Add a little luxury and difference by painting doors a darker colour and add in textured patterns and accessories in the form of cushions and throws

Inject Touches of Metallic

Metallic has the glitzy, glamourous look you are craving for. Perch a silver framed mirror across from the window to bounce light around. Think about stylish brass candlesticks, a mirrored tray or even a cool Moroccan inspired copper vase you might find at a second hand shop. Even when they’re not real gold, silver or copper, metallics have a high-end, luxurious feel.

Layer Window Treatments

The right window treatments can make or break a room. Mixing and matching blinds and curtains can also create a unique style. For a luxurious look, think about layering affordable blinds with soft sheers and thick, dramatic curtains. Layers allow you to control light and privacy, while making your windows stand out.