While you may not want to have a full on renovation, knocking down walls and completely re-decorating to get more light in a room. Thankfully, there are many simple ways to lighten up a space by tweaking your design and décor elements.

Having a light and airy space, not only looks good but it’s great for the mood and well-being. Natural light also cuts the cost of your power bill and even helps keep mould at bay. With so many benefits, let’s take a look at some simple ways you can lighten up a dark room.
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Get Light Filtering Blinds

Light filtering blinds give you a little privacy and decorate your window space, but also let light filter in on those sunny days. Ask your local blind company in Perth which light filtering fabrics for blinds they have. Sheer curtains are another great choice, being light and airy and having an elegant edge. Other options for light filtering window blinds are; vertical blinds and roller blinds which allow you great light control.

Hang Well Placed Mirrors

Strategically placing large mirrors in a cramped, dark room can do wonders. Make sure you have one directly opposite a window which will reflect light back out around the room. Large mirrors work best, or you can place a cluster of small mirrors together for the same effect.

Choose a Light Colour Palette

Light colours on the walls, floors and furniture will seriously lighten up your space. The go to colours are white and cream but lighter greys and cool blues work well also. Steer clear from stronger, darker shades if the room is lacking in light.

Clean Windows on Both Sides

This is so simple, but effective! You may be an avid cleaner of your windows on the inside, but chances are the outside of the windows don’t get as much love? Get those marigolds on and wipe away the dust, rust, dirt and grime that builds up pretty quickly on the outside.

Cut Bushes or Trees Blocking the Window

Occasionally, mother nature can be the culprit, depriving your home of natural light. If unruly trees or foliage are creeping in front of your windows, natural light will be blocked and your room kept dark. To let natural light into your home, avoid planting trees or large bushes on the South side of your home. Also, put a regular trimming schedule in place to keep your current foliage in check.

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