If you’re looking for a way to bring elegance and a classic style to your windows, bespoke shutters are a good choice. They are extremely versatile being used on windows, sliding doors and inside or outside your property.

Shutters give you great control over privacy and light, allowing you to see out without being spied on. Being super durable and easy to maintain, they are value for money. The right beautiful shutters will even increase the value of your property. Here’s what to consider when choosing shutters for your home.
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Inside or Outside Shutters?

Exterior shutters increase your homes curb appeal and provide another layer of security. They’ll also help to reduce air conditioning costs and alleviate outdoor noise. Indoor shutters are a little more practical, giving you easy control over light and temperature. Both have their benefits, it’s down to you to decide which you prefer.

Size of Shutters

To get your shutters to fit snugly, you need to measure the space up accurately. Different shutters will suit different spaces. It’s best to talk with an expert blind and shutter company in Perth to help you. Affordable Shutters and Blinds can guide you through sizing up your space for shutters.

Size of Slats

The slats or louvers do vary depending on the size and style of the shutter. When you order your custom shutters, you can also select your ideal blade width according to the look you want. Have a think about the amount of light you’d like to filter in. Smaller slats tend to sit closer when shut, so block light a little better.

Tilting of the Slats

Another thing to consider is the way your shutter slats tilt. Two options are; a middle front tilt bar or a tilt bar that’s to the side. Some people love the middle bar and find it an attractive element. Others prefer the slats to stayed unhindered. Consult your local blind company in Perth for specific advice.

Shutter Colour Scheme

Once you’ve chosen your ideal size and style of shutter, finding the right colour scheme is the next step. Have a look through the rest of your house – have you currently got a décor theme? If you have, choosing the colour of your shutters will be a lot easier. For an organized look, choose a shutter colour that compliments the colour of your walls or accents in the room. To make your shutters a focal point, you can purchase them in a bolder tone.

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