The kitchen is the place where family and friends get together to cook, eat and chat about their day. Even if you don’t love cooking, you probably spend a significant amount of time in this room raiding the fridge! This is why, the environment needs to be welcoming, with added privacy and light control.

The kitchen window dressings you choose play a huge part in this. There are a few things you should never do and a few that’ll transform your kitchen windows. Take a look at the top tips below, to choose the prefect window treatments for your kitchen.

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Never Use Heavy Fabrics

While fully lined, heavy curtains look great, they’re a nightmare in the kitchen retaining cooking smells and getting crusty with food splatters. It’s likely your curtains will rot and fade in a wet, humid environment like the kitchen. Custom blinds are a more durable, practical option for the kitchen.

Think of Practicality

Many kitchen windows sit above the sink, right where water is splashing about. You need choose kitchen blinds with practicality in mind, not just by what they look like. Real wood blinds are not a good choice, because they can stain and warp in humid conditions. Practical materials for kitchen blinds include faux wood, venetian blinds or 100% polyester roller blinds.

Consider Storage Space

Kitchen window sills can double up as storage space. If you like to show off your ornaments, choose a kitchen window treatment that doesn’t cover the sill.

Don’t Forget About Privacy

Consider privacy if your kitchen window is overlooked by neighbours or faces out onto the street. Choose kitchen blinds that give a good amount of privacy, but still allow light to filter through. Some great options are roller blinds, venetian blinds or woodnature blinds.

Consider How Easy to Clean

Kitchen window treatments are likely to get splattered with water, food debris and cooking oils. If they’re not easy to clean, this gunk builds up making the blinds look old and dreary. The best option is to choose a material that is easy to wipe over and quickly vacuum. Recommended options for the kitchen include roller blinds, venetian blinds, vertical blinds, polyresin shutters, aluminium shutters or PVC shutters.

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