Take a Look at Our Ultimate Guide to Selecting Window Blinds for Humid Conditions

If you’ve ever looked at roller blinds before, you’ll know the choices are endless. You can choose from a huge variety of materials, colours and designs therefore knowing which one suits where, can be confusing. If you want your blinds to last, you should think of practicality as well as how good they look.

For example, kitchens and bathrooms are filled frequently with moisture, steam, humidity and sometimes food spillages. If you choose the wrong type of roller blinds, these conditions could kill off your blinds well before their time.

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Choose the Right Material for Your Blinds

Real wood blinds are generally not the best option for humid, wet environments like the kitchen and bathroom. This is because they can stain, warp and sometimes twist with prolonged exposure to moisture. If you still dream of the natural, wood look, choose a faux wood which will repel condensation and still look really authentic.

Cotton, linen and silk are also not great choices for moist environments, as they can rot and fade. The best recommended materials to use for kitchen and bathroom blinds are polyester, glass fibre or viscose.

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Choose Blinds for Privacy

It goes without saying that you probably won’t want prying eyes peering into your home while you take a bath or get ready in the morning. Also, your kitchen may be overlooked by a street or another house and it may feel like you’re on display.

To retain your privacy, you should choose blinds that give you privacy but also allow light to filter in. Some good options are; venetian blinds, roller blinds or woodnature blinds.

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Choose Easy to Clean, Waterproof Blinds

Finding cheap blinds in Perth that are waterproof, durable and stylish can sometimes feel like a mission. Luckily, Affordable Shutters and Blinds has a huge range to suit all rooms of your home. The kitchen and bathroom gets full of moisture frequently and can succumb to food spillages. Your blinds should be easy to clean and resistant to moisture and rot, so you don’t have to replace them too soon.

Some great options for blinds and shutters in the kitchen and bathroom are; roller blinds, woodnature venetian blinds, vertical blinds, aluminium venetians, polyresin shutters, aluminium shutters or PVC shutters. These are all uniquely constructed from moisture resistant materials that are durable, easy to clean and won’t fall victim to warping or cracking.

If you need more help selecting the right blinds for your kitchen and bathroom, reach out to the Affordable Shutters team.

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