If you’ve had your window treatments for a while, they may be in need for an upgrade. It’s tempting just to ignore your blinds and curtains, thinking they’ll go on forever!

But, inspecting for wear and tear actually prolongs their life span. A regular clean and touch up prevents deterioration and keeps them looking sharp. While checking your window treatments, it’s important to know when to replace them. Here are seven signs to look out for.

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Bent or Broken Slats

If your wood blinds have received moisture damage or faux wood blinds heat damage, they may become warped. Metal blinds can also be victims of damage if something falls heavily against them. If you find broken slats, it’s time to have them replaced, to enjoy light control and privacy again.

Difficult to Operate

Struggling to get your blinds up and down points to an issue in the lifting mechanism. It may already be broken or on the brink of breaking down. Either way, window dressings experiencing this problem need attention before they completely fall down.

Slats Don’t close Tightly

If your slats don’t close tightly, this lets light in making the blind pretty useless. The tilt wand could be at fault which is pretty hard to replace, needing the whole blind to be re-corded. If the blinds are old, it might be better to replace them completely and get a fresh look.

No Longer Safe for Kids

If you have the patter of tiny feet around the home now, blinds with cords can cause a safety risk. Exposed cords are a strangulation hazard and it’s much better to upgrade to cordless shades, shutters or curtains.

They Look Dated

Did you put up blinds when you moved in 20 years ago and changed nothing since? It’s about time to remove the drab, faded window treatments and install a dash of style. While it can be hard to let go, fresh new window treatments actually make your space feel homelier.

You’ve Just Installed New Windows

If you’ve installed new windows, it’s likely your old window treatments won’t fit the same way. Now is the time to install those fresh custom blinds you’ve had in mind. Or try out something different like stunning fabric roman shades or beautiful timber venetian blinds.

Stains that Won’t Budge

Some old blinds start to dis-colour after prolonged exposure to the suns UV rays. Kitchen blinds also get battered with food splatters that if left, can stain and refuse to clean away. If your window treatments have started to change colour, it’s time to upgrade to something new. Some modern materials offer UV protection, are easier to clean and keep looking fresh.

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